Searching for the most effective workout recovery drinks and muscle recovery supplements? If so, you won’t want to miss this one. Three critical things to watch for or you will waste your money. Below are the 3 biggest scams (or myths) when it comes to workout drinks or recovery supplements.

1. No sugar – This is probably one of the biggest myths in the nutrition industry. Sugar is not the problem: the type of sugar is. Chances are if a product is boasting about being sugar-free, then it is loaded with artificial sweeteners. These artificial sweeteners have been found to be such an intense sweet flavor that using the same amount of healthy sugars is no longer satisfying. Beware of any labels that use both also – this is just another way to hide extra sweeteners on you.

Look for products that use only natural, healthy options such as fructose or sorbitol.

2. Look for the most grams of protein for the cheapest price so you can buy more because more is better. This too is a myth. Most people can’t absorb 52 grams of protein in 1 serving. Typically, when a product costs $15 and claims to have 52 grams of protein, you just sacrificed quality, therefore, absorption is reduced. In fact, when a workout recovery drink is loaded with protein, not only is the absorption negatively affected, but also your health is at risk. Remember your kidneys and liver have to filter all this extra ‘junk’.

Aim for 20-24 grams of protein and a balance of amino acids with a time-tested company. No sense on working so hard to waste it all on a company that is just out to make a buck or to run with the newest fad.

3. We need lots of fiber. This is true if you are looking for a weight loss supplements but not if you are looking for effective workout recovery drinks that will really rehydrate you or muscle recovery supplements that are a balance of protein to carbohydrates so your muscles can not only repair but also build.

Look for drinks that have no artificial anything – no additives – no fiber (for this purpose only) – low glycemic index. Don’t misunderstand about fiber: fiber has an important role in our health, just not in these particular drinks.

When searching for the best recovery drinks, it never hurts to do your research and see what the best, natural athletes like Olympians are using. Whether you just want effective workout drinks and supplements or want Olympic quality, using the Olympians supplements as a guideline will only help you. And remember, stick with a company that has been time-tested, uses science to drive it (not fads), and has the research to back them (by outside parties).

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