6 Ways You Can Stay Hydrated for Summer ‘16

Summer is here. There’s nothing better than relaxing in a pool and enjoying a cooled beverage. Even though we look forward to the sunny days during the summer, you can’t forget about the heat that comes along with the bright weather. In certain parts of the country, you’ll have state’s reach as much as 90 to 110 degrees. That is why it is probably not the best idea for you to head out for a run during the peak hours between 1 p.m. to 4 p. m. The chances of withstanding the heat at those times is low. It can be unbearable and can leave you dehydrated throughout the rest of the day. Now that summer is here, what can you do to prevent yourself from experiencing dehydration?
1. Water
The first thing to come to mind is drinking water, of course! Water is probably the most reliable why to remain hydrated throughout a hot summer day. If you didn’t know already, water is non-caloric, it plumps up your skin, and it hydrates your muscles. It’s recommended for a person to drink at least eight glasses of water each day. Quite frankly, it wouldn’t hurt to exceed that limit once the summer time comes around. If you know you’re going to be out for a while whether it would be indoor or out, be safe and always take a water bottle with you. The last thing you would want is to suffer from dehydration and putting your health at risk. Speaking to your doctor about the importance of staying hydrated is always a benefit.
2. Sodas and Caffeine & Energy Drinks
If water isn’t your first choice that comes to mind, beverages such as sodas, iced tea, coffee, and other drinks that contain caffeine are second best to good old-fashioned water. Caffeine drinks and flavored water act as diuretics, even though you’re getting water, you’re also pulling a little extra fluid from your body because of the caffeine. Do you notice when you’re out at a restaurant, more than likely you’re interested to ask for a soda or iced tea and maybe even fruit juice? It’s understandable if you get tired of drinking water, due to the fact that it’s available everywhere. However, if you happen to be an athlete, you will likely rely on energy drinks and water since those beverages are considered main sources of hydration.
3. Fruit
Let’s not forget about fruit! It’s hard to resist it since they contain a significant amount of sugar and flavor. You might want to consider eating fruit the next time you spend majority of the day doing outdoor labor work because of how much water it contains. Include as much fruit as you can into your meals in order to not only gain hydration from what you drink, but what you choose to eat as well. If you’re not sure which fruit offers the most hydration, you’ll recognize that grapes, grapefruit, and watermelon are filled with more than enough water for you to enjoy.
4. Soup
Sometimes you may become the unfortunate one of getting sick during the summer time which can be challenging due to how dehydrated you can become. Usually when you’re sick, you’re limited to eating and drinking certain things. Believe it or not, you can benefit from eating soup because of how much water it contains. Eating soup may very well be the best reasonable option for you to eat if you’re trying to recover from your illness. One thing to consider, you want to avoid eating soup with solid foods such as saltine crackers or bread due to how much water those foods absorbs which can limit you from receiving the water you need.
5. Meat
The summertime is a good excuse for everyone to grill their own hamburgers, chicken breasts, steaks, and brisket. Is there a certain amount of meat you need to eat in order to stay hydrated? If you happen to be a meat lover, then you’re in luck! Amazingly, meat contains a high percentage of water, as much as 60 percent. Keep this in mind, if your family or friends invites you over to their cookout, don’t be shy to stock up on your meat for the summertime. There’s nothing better than staying hydrated by simply eating your favorite choice of meat and a nice cooled beverage.
6. Smoothies
Who would ever begin to think that smoothies were actually a good source of hydration? There’s many combinations of fruit and flavors that are incorporated into a single smoothie. The great thing about smoothies is you don’t always need to pay someone to make it for you. However, when you create your own smoothie at home, you are given the chance to put as many things as you’d like in order to stay hydrated. Usually, the preferred smoothie to make for the summertime would be fruit smoothies. It’s the healthiest choice and easiest to make since you can purchase the certain fruits you want included in your smoothie.
Sometimes, despite your best efforts, the heat will get to your or a family member. If that happens, seek help! The Gonzaba Medical Group can offer support when you need it this summer.

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