The good thing about trying to lose weight and burn belly fat is that they will happen together. Losing unwanted pounds will also burn belly fat and vice versa. Making the decision to look and feel better is easy. Implementing new habits and changing bad habits is not so easy, but it is possible. If you think of changing bad habits into healthy habits, then you can enjoy a lifetime of energy, health, and looking great!

Extreme diets are difficult to manage and often times are doomed to fail. Habits stick with you and become part of the normal routine. To lose weight and burn belly fat, you can stop bad habits and start new ones on your journey to look and feel amazing.


*Drinking your calories. Stop drinking soda pop, energy drinks, and bottled juices. These beverages are loaded with sugar, or other ingredients that encourage fat cell growth and slow down energy. Choose lemon water or blend fruit and veggie smoothies instead.

*Stressed out. Lower your stress level to hinder the release of the stress hormone. The stress hormone promotes fat cell growth. Use meditation or other forms of relaxation.

*Staying up late. Being sleep deprived is doing your body a disservice. When your body systems get the rest they need every night, they will function much better. You will experience more energy and focus with adequate sleep. Set your internal clock by going to bed and getting up at the same times every day.


*Water. Now this is the beverage your body cannot do without. Drink plenty of it all day every day. Being hydrated will aid in losing water weight. Water helps you to feel satisfied and curb cravings. Drinking plenty of water will aid in digestion and help to burn fat cells.

*Exercise. Fat cells don’t stand a chance when you incorporate a consistent workout schedule. Fat cells love sedentary. Be active and do vigorous workouts. Exercise also lowers stress and releases the feel good hormone.

*Eat protein. Protein based foods will aid in keeping you feeling full and satisfied. Snack on foods like boiled eggs, nuts and yogurt with chia seeds.

*Choose snacks wisely. Snack mostly on fruits and veggies or protein based foods. They are low in calories and will give you added energy and burn fat cells.

The Fastest Way To Lose Weight – The Skinny Asian Method

Whenever clients in my weight-loss classes ask me what the fastest way to lose weight is, I respond with techniques that I know they’ll be able to follow without too much trouble. It’s not going to do them any good to get diet or health advice that’s so far out of the ordinary that they can’t possibly adjust and stick to it.

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