The demand for body building supplements has witnessed a sustained rise over time. Earlier, these were only used by athletes and professional bodybuilder. Today however, the consumption of high-end supplements like whey protein for building muscle mass has become far more common. The average guy no longer wants to look average and wants a body that would make him look attractive. However, in order to maximize his gains, he realizes that he would need to supplement his exercises with a quality protein rich diet. Since Whey is best protein there is, it has become the obvious choice as a bodybuilding supplement.


Bodybuilding supplements are available in various forms and types. They are either consumed along with meals or can be used as a healthier alternative. There are the branched-chain amino acids, meal replacement supplements, testosterone boosters, thermogenic products, essential fatty acids, creatine and prohormones. Bodybuilding supplements are also available in the form of delicious shakes which can be mixed in milk and juice. Sometimes; it is made into a protein shake or a pudding sort of thing and consumed. Protein powders include soy protein, whey protein, egg white protein, hemp seed protein, rice protein and the likes.

Amongst these, the meal replacement products have become particularly popular. These are made available in the form of readymade shakes, bars, drinks etc, and can be consumed directly. These pre-packed formulations are generally known to be low in fat, high on proteins and are also known to contain essential vitamins and minerals which are essential for the growth and development of the body.

The Markets In Thailand

Quite like other countries, Thailand too has witnessed a rise in demand for bodybuilding supplements. However, for long people in Thailand had limited choice in terms of bodybuilding supplements. The Thai markets for bodybuilding compounds had been left completely unexplored. This is because the cost of importing such supplements from abroad would have slashed all chances of making a profit. In addition, every product needs to be approved and registered with the Thai FDA, which is a very long, tedious and expensive process.

All these added expenses translated into exorbitant prices. Therefore, the market for high quality supplements remained narrow despite the demand. Even ordering them from overseas retailers would have attracted huge amount as duty, making the expenses quite unbearable.

However, the scenario is fast changing. Suppliers are developing a more positive approach towards registering their products in Thailand, since the demand is substantial. The market is also witnessing some healthy competition as more and more manufactures enter the field of making quality supplements for bodybuilding enthusiasts. This is playing a major role in bringing down the prices of the products. This is definitely good news for the customers who have had to settle with too few options, despite paying hefty sums for these products.

Today, Thai markets are flooded with bodybuilding supplements under the most renowned brands in the world. You can select your options from online sources as well, for the sheer convenience of it and for exploring the immense variety at your disposal. You can come across hundreds of brands to choose from. However, it is always advisable to check on the compositions and then consult a medical practitioner or a trainer before subjecting yourself to any of these.