Energy: Can Emotional Repression Lead To Low Energy?

In one way or another, life is all about energy; it is what creates and supports life and it also leads to movement and motion. Without it, nothing would exist or survive and nothing would ever happen or change.
And as human beings, we are no different. Whether it involves: getting out of bed, going to work, doing exercise or sport, achieving certain goals or dreams and any else for that matter, energy is incredibly important.
To function at a high level or even a basic level requires energy and plenty of it. When one feels that they have energy, anything can seem possible and when one doesn’t have energy, just about everything can seem impossible.
The Usual Approach
If someone feels low on energy, the typically approach is to seek a change in diet, have more sleep or for one to exercise if they don’t already and if they do, then more exercise may be recommended.
And as well as eating different things and cutting back on others, they may also be the addition of certain supplements. These can be vitamins, minerals and protein powders for instance.
In extreme cases where these solutions don’t work, one may even be labelled as having some kind of physical or mental challenge. One of these is often called chronic fatigue syndrome and depression can also be another.
Popular Choices
For many years there have been different kinds of energy drinks. In the beginning these were often used for when someone was involved in some kind of exercise. And as time has gone by, they have become consumed not only for exercise but for any moment when one feels thirsty or wants an energy boost.
There are also different snacks and treats that can be bought as a way to perk someone up. Some of these could be described a healthy and some of these could be seen as unhealthy.
What stands out about energy drinks is how popular they have become in such a short space of time. For some people, these drinks will be an addiction and something they need in order to function.
There is inevitably going to be numerous reasons as to why so many people feel that they don’t have enough energy. It could be due to what I have said above and it could also be the result of one not having a fulfilling life. Life may feel like a chore and not cause one to feel inspired or that it’s even worthwhile.
And one thing that is often overlooked, at least in the mainstream, is emotional repression and the effects that this can have on ones energy and wellbeing.
Emotions are often ignored and overlooked in today’s world. And if one doesn’t form a healthy relationship with them as a child, it may mean that one never will. As the education system generally doesn’t educate people on them either; it will often depend on whether ones educates themselves in later life
They are invisible to the naked eye and can’t be caught or put into a box. And as the western world is primarily focused on all that is physical and seen by the eye; emotions are often seen as problems that need to be removed.
So, by emotions being perceived in this way, the typical approach is to deny that they exist and to repress them.
Out Mind Out Of Sight
The mind can use a myriad of defence mechanisms in order to avoid facing emotions. And what they will generally lead to is emotional repression. Over time, the mind can forget all about these emotions.
They then not longer exist and that’s the end of it, as far as the mind is concerned anyway. But while this may seem accurate and even be beneficial in the short term, these emotions have not gone. All that has happened is that the mind has lost contact with them.
The Body
To the mind, everything is then back to normal and there is nothing to worry about. However, this is nothing more than an illusion that the mind forms. Metaphorically speaking, the mind can feel like the storm is over and yet the body is right in the middle of the storm.
These have to go somewhere and the body has plenty of places where they can be absorbed. Here, ones muscles, bones, skin and vital organs can all carry the burden. This is of course unnatural and not what they are meant to do.
But if one mind doesn’t want to face their emotions, then the body won’t have much choice. The natural tendency of the body is to release and let go of emotions, but this process can be blocked by the mind.
This can lead to physical discord and cause the body to be out of balance. And as it can’t undertake its natural process of releasing emotions; it is inevitable that unhealthy consequences will take place.
What happens to the body can depend on how long the repression has gone on for and how much repression has taken place. For some people, this will include moments that were moderately painful, to moments that were extremely traumatic; with emotional pain that originated in ones younger’s years, to emotional pain that was experienced as an adult.
Here the body can become heavy, sluggish and diseased. And when this becomes too much, the mind will no longer be able to deny or ignore these emotions. At first they may have been the equivalent of a few rains drops, but over time they have become a tidal wave. Here, one can feel trapped, overwhelmed and without energy.
To release the emotions that have become trapped and frozen in the body may require the assistance of therapist or a healer. Or one may feel that they can do this in their own time or way and through self inquiry.
This is always a personal choice and not one that another person can or should make. And as this takes place, one will begin to feel lighter.

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