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[simpleazon-link asin=”B000MTM0WK” locale=”us”]Red Bull[/simpleazon-link] comes in at #2 on thebestenergydrink.org Top 10 List. Red Bull has become a worldwide cult icon. It’s flavor is unique among every drinks. However, many of the “Johnny Come Latelies” have tried to duplicate it’s taste but none have succeeded.

More than just an energy drink, Red Bull is quite popular in the bar & club scene around the world. Red Bull and vodka goes by many different names such as: VaRB, VRB, VKRB, RBV, Speedball, Vod-Bull, Vodka Red, Echo and of course Red Bull n Vodka. Probably the reason it is so popular (besides giving you wings) is Red Bull on its own just makes you feel good. Add alcohol to it, (that you can’t taste), and you have quite a combination.

Everybody knows Red Bull gives you wings, but, it’s the caffeine, taurine, B vitamins, sucrose & glucose that make you feel like you can fly.
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Redbulls first ad[/simpleazon-link]Red Bull’s first advertisement appeared in Austria on April 17, 1987 and translates to “so awesome that the polka dots will fly off your tie!” Red Bull might be more famous for its iconic advertising than it is as an energy drink. Because Red Bull is an international sensation, it’s advertisements have appeared in every major market around the world.

But the more important thing you should know about Red Bull is all the advertising would not mean anything because if people didn’t like it, people would buy it no matter how good Red Bull Ads are.

The first can of Red Bull was sold on April 1st 1987 and the era of the sports drink was born.

Difficult to believe but Red Bull was not sold in the United States until 1997. However, Red Bull can now be found in every grocery store, 711, gas station, drug store, and corner market across the entire country including Alaska and Hawaii.

If you have never tried Red Bull you are in a small minority because over 35 billion cans have been sold and the reason??? Because Red Bull is so darned good!!!

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