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[simpleazon-link asin=”B001N0TPVQ” locale=”us”]Sambazon[/simpleazon-link] comes in at #9 on thebestenergydrink.org Top 10 list. And . . .

Without a doubt, it is the best tasting energy drink you will ever have!!! There are many natural or organic energy drinks, however, most fail to energize.
But . . . Sambazon is certainly the exception to the the rule.

I almost didn’t include Sambazon in our Top 10 because like “Amazing Grass”, before I tried Sambazon . . . it seemed more like a functional beverage rather than an energy drink.

The Acai berry is packed with natural energy and Sambazon is packed with the Acai berries. Add yerba mate and guarana and you get a kick that is worthy of our Top 10 list.

What stands out most about Sambazon is the taste. And there’s only one way to describe it . . . Delicious ! ! !

Of all the energy drinks I have ever had, Sambazon by far tastes the best.

[simpleazon-link asin=”B001N0TPVQ” locale=”us”]0001-42c20dd2-4df7d272-0419-3fce9f88[/simpleazon-link]

What separates Sambazon from all other energy drinks is the Acai berry. The Acai berry is well known to have an abundance unique plant chemical compounds.

It also has high concentrations of omega fatty acids. Omega 3-6-9s are very important towards good vascular health.

You should know an efficient vascular system is essential if you want long lasting energy.

The problem with most good sources of omega fatty acids . . . they are all from fish oil. And they all taste like you’d imaging fish oil to taste like . . . fish.

The purpose of most energy drinks is to get you going . . . Nothing more . . . nothing less . . .

Sambazon does so much more, in fact you could do yourself a world of good by adding Sambazon to your daily regimen. The omega’s in Sambazon do more than just support your vascular system by reducing plaque i.e. normalizing your blood pressure.

Omegas also aid in serotonin production. Serotonin is known as the feel good hormone. Something else no other energy drink can do for you. Just one more reason why you should try Sambazon today.

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