The fact is that the bodybuilding nutrition is more than just eating lots of food. You must be aware of what to eat before and after doing the workout for getting the most output. The food combos that you select determine the fact that you will either add the fat-free muscle mass or the muscle that is coupled with the unwanted fat of the body. For the proper weight training nutrition, you have to take and select the best combination and quantity of macronutrients as they can accelerate the growth of your muscle. You can check out the nutrition prescriptions for doing the cardio and weight training session.

Here are some of the best pre-workout foods:


It is a fact that sugar from bananas can certainly make you fat. The truth is that it is regarded as a very digestible form of carbohydrate. Bananas are also regarded as a good source of potassium that can help in maintaining proper muscle mass function. Your body is unable to store this nutrient for a longer period of time, and the hard and intense workout is sufficient for lowering the levels of potassium.


Yogurt is very rich in magnesium and it can provide you with lots of energy for your workout. It plays a vital role in activating the enzymes present in the metabolism process of protein and carbohydrates. It also provides the user with a very useful source of energy.


Coffee is regarded a very important supplement as compared to food and it is still an amazing source of energy booster. Instead of drinking the supplements, it is better to drink a cup of black coffee. This will give you a long lasting energy that can help you in completing more reps during your workout.


Oats contain lots of fiber; this means that they are low on the glycemic index. Therefore, the carbohydrates will get released into your bloodstream that can feed your muscle slowly, thereby keeping your energy levels constant during all your training. They are also rich in the B vitamins.

Cardio Nutrition:

The truth is that the bodybuilders must perform at least two 30-45 minutes of cardio sessions every week for the general conditioning. The cardio can have a negative affect on your growth ability. The fact is that are many safe and natural pre workout supplements can be very beneficial for you. Whenever you are trying to shed the fat of body, you would be able to do more in this regard by building up many sessions for almost one hour every week. It is better to follow all these recommendations for achieving better results. Eating nothing before doing the cardio is always regarded as very ideal. The fact is that Cardio uses the body fat as fuel and the amount of carbohydrates in the bloodstream that can influence the ability of the body for maximizing the burning of fat.


It is important to maintain an increase in the protein and carbohydrates in the blood during training for preventing such type of crash. The fact is that fast acting carbohydrates can very easily be processed that can male it much more comfortable to digest the larger quantity. The fact is that the fast digesting carbohydrates will hit your body much quickly, and it can also help you in staying anabolic, while the slow burners will also help you anabolic at the end of training session.