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Drink Ionized Alkaline Water!

Drink Alkaline Ionized Water and The fountain of youth!
Water makes up about 65 to 75% of the human body. How important is it? Well, next to air, it’s the body’s most important requirement. Without it you can survive around seventy-two hours. Water is the main component of every cell in the body. It is necessary for absorption, circulation, elimination, and digestion. Water is used by the body to cleanse itself, and it also carries water-soluble vitamins and fiber through the bloodstream and helps the body regulate its temperature. The percentage of water in your body drops dramatically as you reach your senior years. It stands to reason that proper hydration during these years is an important anti-aging strategy.
The best source, by far, of drinking water is alkaline ionized water. Since water is so important to the body, the purity and structure of the water one consumes is very important to one’s health. We all know that the human body is made of up to 75% water and the brain consists of 85% water. Alkaline water is tremendously important in your attempts to stay and remain disease free and healthy. As a society, we are loaded with acid. In fact, 99% of all Americans are acidic. Why do you think we have a health crisis, obesity, cancer and disease just keeps rising? 99% of what you drink is acidic. Diet and regular sodas are probably the most acidic drinks consumed. Other acidic drinks are coffee, black tea, beer, and wine. 80% of what you eat is acidic—meat, poultry, refined sugars, dairy products, artificial sweeteners, etc. This is the typical American diet!
Besides food and drinks, other sources of acidity are stress and pollution. Acid build-up in our bodies increases with age and contributes to the chronic disease. An acidic body creates an ideal environment for diseases of all kinds to thrive. Look at any cancer patient for instance and their bodies are invariably acidic to some degree. Maintaining an alkaline pH (7.0-7.3) helps us to maintain an environment in our bodies that is NOT conducive to disease.
Alkaline ionized water will flush acid waste from our bodies. If you have accumulated acid waste in your system, it probably took years for you to get into that condition and it will take some time to reverse it. As the body is slowly brought into pH balance by drinking ionized water, it will naturally begin to function more efficiently and problems will begin to correct themselves. This is one of the great advantages of drinking this water. Ionized water helps bring your body into balance naturally by providing it with the oxygen, alkalinity and the basic nutrients it needs so it can heal itself and prevent diseases from occurring in the first place.
Many people believe that the water concentrations in coffee, sodas, bottled water, and energy drinks will be sufficient for the human body to function on optimal levels; but that is incorrect. Simply stated, the water from these beverages is nothing but poor quality distilled water.
You might think that bottled water is healthy. You’ve got to be kidding me! Bottled water is the biggest scam in the grocery store! Don’t buy it. It is all acidic! In a four-year scientific study, The NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) tested more than 1,000 bottles of 103 brands, a third of them were found to contain contaminants such as arsenic and carcinogens. As a matter of fact, 25 different US states have reported unacceptable arsenic levels in their waters! Recently, another shocking study showed that over time cancer-causing toxins such as dioxin leach into the water from the plastic bottle. Who knows how long the bottled water we drink has been sitting in pallets in a warehouse? Actually, a lot of the bottled “spring” waters are just filtered tap water put in a plastic bottle. These bottles often remain on store and factory shelves, unopened for months or even years.
I have an alkaline water ionizer machine in my home which turns my acidic, contaminated, and chlorinated tap water into tremendously healthier alkaline, ionized water that can do wonders to your body. It took five minutes to hook up to my kitchen faucet. The proof is that it works and it works amazingly. It is probably the most significant thing you can do to immediately improve your health in many ways! It is a part of most people’s homes in Japan and in many of Japan’s hospitals too. It is perhaps the most incredible, effective anti-oxidant around that most of us haven’t even heard of it! Alkaline ionized water rids these free radicals from our drinking water and bodies through the process of ionization. Since ionized water is a liquid antioxidant, it is easily absorbed into the body which makes it much more effective and a powerful antioxidant. The reason I have my own machine is that the full potency doesn’t last too long. To get the full antioxidant (anti aging) effect you need to consume the water that is produced within one day maximum. The antioxidant (hydroxyl ions) will last approximately 18-24 hours.
“When you are toxic, your body becomes highly acidic. Your body pH should be alkaline. When your body pH is acidic you are susceptible to illness and disease. When your body pH is alkaline, you virtually can never get sick! Every single person who has cancer has a pH that is too acidic!”
Kevin Trudeau
– “Natural Cures They Don’t Want You to Know
Ionized water contains an abundance of hrydroxl ions (OH-) which donate free electrons to unstable oxygen free radicals, resulting in stable oxygen molecules. Drinking ionized water will increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the blood. It also will give an increased mental alertness and energy.
Ionized water has a smaller molecular cluster size. It contains only five to six water molecules instead of the ten to thirteen that conventional water molecule clusters have. It has changed from an irregular shape that is 10-13 molecules to a hexagonal regular shape that is half the size. This smaller or “reduced” water is much more hydrating than conventional water. Its hexagonal shape and small cluster makes it absorb six times faster than bottled water. The increased ability to penetrate cell walls enhances tissue repair and waste removal. Hexagonal water is fountain of youth water. It is found in nature from melting snow and ice in mountain streams.
The detoxification properties of ionized water are powerful and astounding. Toxins stored in fat cells, tissues, organs, and lymphatic fluids are released resulting in fat loss.
I haven’t been sick in four years! The biggest reasons are my regimen of consuming green food, calcium citrate and alkaline ionized water. These three have kept my body in an alkaline state so that it is virtually impossible to get sick and to have long term chronic disease build up in my body!
A statistic that should scare you is that 7 out of every 10 people die of chronic disease: cardiovascular, diabetes and cancer. I feel good that I won’t be one of them! What about you? Once again, I’m arming you with information that can change your life. What are you going to do?
Benefits of drinking alkaline ionized water:
* It slows down the aging process by neutralizing free radicals.
* Promotes healthy weight loss.
* Boosts body’s immunity to disease.
* Increases absorption of important vitamins and minerals.
* Increases hydration
* Balances your body’s pH creating an alkaline environment
* Increase blood oxygenation.
* A potent detoxifier
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