Coffee is probably one of the biggest things to ever sweep Australia and it’s undeniable that most Aussies will go the extra mile just for a good cuppa. We are a nation that is extremely particular about the quality of coffee and instant coffee is a big no-no for true coffee aficionados.

With the abundance of boutique coffee shops around the country, it is now extremely easy to find something that is unique in strength, taste and aroma. Our love for coffee can’t really be explained…perhaps it’s because it refreshes our senses, whilst giving us the energy to get through the day, or maybe it’s simply a temporary craze that everyone wants to be a part of. Regardless of the reasons, Australia is a certified coffee hub that has some of the best blends in the world.

Besides working as a stimulant for the body, coffee has numerous benefits that could promote long-term health. An American book called 100 Simple Thing You Can Do to Prevent Alzheimer’s suggests that coffee acts a tonic to ageing brains. A Finnish study backed this statement up by revealing that middle aged men and women who drank three to five cups of coffee a day were less likely to contract the disease. The study also revealed that there was a 65% decrease in risk for people who drank coffee compared to non-drinkers and those who drank infrequently.

Another research published in the Canadian journal, Neurology, affirmed that caffeine helps with movement impairment caused by Parkinson’s disease. After conducting in-depth studies, the researchers concluded that test-subjects who were provided with caffeine supplements showed significant improvements in their body’s motor control capabilities.

With so many positive elements deriving from coffee consumption, it’s no wonder that Australians love their coffee. The introduction of good quality coffee beans can be accredited to industry leaders like Les Schirato, who was one of the very first people to import gourmet beans to Australia.

The exquisite taste of these unique beans is one of the main reasons why more and more people are falling in love with coffee. And the love of coffee has driven some of these connoisseurs to follow in the footsteps of industry leaders like Les Schirato. That is why there exists a burgeoning boutique café scene, which will help to strengthen Australia’s love for coffee.

There are coffee shops or stands at every corner of the street, and Aussies can now opt for this beverage as a healthy alternative to sugared soft drinks and energy drinks. However, the Western Australian Institute for Medical Research and University of Western Australia recently released a study which says that the health benefits of coffee are dose dependent. Although coffee has great health benefits, it should be consumed in moderate amounts, not excessively.

As a certified nutritionist, John O’Shea creates health and nutrition plans which are heavily focused on organic foods. She is a true advocate of eating clean and she believes that people can easily lose weight, get lean and fit by simply selecting the proper types of food to consume. She currently works with numerous food and beverage manufacturers as a nutrition adviser.