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Do You Start Yawning at 2:30pm?

Do You Start Yawning At 2:30pm And Finish At 5pm?
If you are still breathing and own a TV you have viewed a commercial for
5-Hour Energy Drink. Each dose contains 2-ounces in five different berry flavors.
This is an alternative to coffee crashing with its tired, dopey, and sluggish feedback.
Does this new gimmick work? Are there side effects, and when can I start?
Energy Drink claims to consist of healthy amino acids, B vitamins, and stuff. Researchers believe up to 85% of first-time users continue taking 5-Hour on a regular basis. The only complaint we hear is that it is habit forming, and not natural. Eat the bark off a tree – that is natural, right?
Health And Longevity
Give us 5-minutes for the boring stuff, and well give you baby-easy strategies to help
shine in your office – without PM drowsiness. It is magical for students too.
Inquiring Minds need to know the secrets of alertness, arousal and self-motivation. Why? Your next promotion or successful presentation depends on being In The Flow (in the zone), and avoiding tired self-gratification.
We know yawning is an automatic reflex because we have computer records
of 11-week (unborn) fetuses stretching and yawning. We come hardwired.
What is it for? It is a mystery, but the best answer is to take in more oxygen,
get rid of carbon dioxide, and join into a tribal ritual of imitation.
Huh? You know yawning is contagious, monkey see, monkey do, but it is on
auto-pilot. Just reading about yawning or seeing a video or picture causes
a storm of team-yawning. Each single yawn last 6-seconds.
Fact: yawning increases your blood pressure, heart rate, and flexes your muscles
and joints. Nice. There is a word for yawning and stretching simultaneously –
pandiculation – from Latin, to stretch oneself. It covers yawning while stretching.
Only Inquiring Minds Care: the brain structure mostly involved with yawning is
your hypothalamus. When the brain produces Dopamine, yawning is the next step.
The latest research indicates for the first time, dopamine regulates brain cycles like
waking, sleeping and eating. They call it circadian rhythms. Now – get this: dopamine is the neurotransmitter that regulates pleasure and reward – motivation.
Google: October 20, 2010, Concordia University (UK) See: the Journal of Neuroscience.
Acupuncture or Acupressure
If you ask and read – and we do – medical doctors, specialists and top-gun scientific researchers throughout the world – ‘Do you accept the effectiveness of acupuncture
as a medical treatment?’
The answer by 95% is – ‘Acupuncture, Acupressure and Dancing With The Stars – are con jobs that are dangerous to the public, and use nonsensical methodology.
The Breakthrough
Original research at the University of Michigan (Richard Harris), and in the UK
at the University of Southampton – (Dr. Peter White), May 10, 2010 completely accept Acupuncture and Acupressure as legitimate healing modalities (methods).
The difference between acupuncture and acupressure is the former uses needles
they twirl upon the surface of the skin. Acupressure uses the fingers and hands
to affect the Meridians (power points) along the body to stimulate healing.
There are 14 meridian channels (highways) for human energy called CHI (chee) to
flow. When there are stoppages through injury or stress, chi stops circulating and pain attacks the body.
This ancient Chinese medicine has one goal, the flow of Endorphins. They want to stimulate the release of Endorphins to overcome pain and open blockages of bodily energy. They use the 7- major charkas and nodes along the meridian channels.
After a nice nature walk, or smiling and laughing at a funny show, or sex, your body releases endorphins that counteract pain, overcomes stress, and make us feel good.
These bodily chemicals are neuropeptides (opioids) that are involved in the healing
process. Did you know dopamine flows when we get a tiny or great reward?
Get this: a 30-minute Acupressure treatment is not forever, but it does cause relief
for between 12 to 24 hours. It does not come with aftereffects.
This is the sensation the patient feels when the acupuncturist uses needles to
stimulate the flow of chi and open stoppages. The latest research by Dr. Peter White
at the University of Southampton concludes: the presence or intensity of DeQi has
no effect on the pain relief felt by the patient. Acupressure works just as well.
Is it Real
Medical physicians and their associations have not accepted the usefulness of
Acupuncture and Acupressure. It took generations and legal action for Chiropractors to be accepted by the medical community. Hypnosis is still considered a funny Placebo, not a medical treatment in the U.S. The truth is that Placebos results are seen by fMRIs. They are tangible and measurable.
Physicians have not acquired a liking for competitors for government or
insurance company checks. Would you?
Practical Stuff
You are in the office, and it is 2:30pm. Yawning and feeling sleeping,
dragging your fundament, your team is acting half-asleep. Wait – the quarterly
financial report for your Board of Directors is due within 48 hours.
Coffee causes negative after-effects, Pot is still illegal, and that 5-Hour Drink cannot be legally recommend by the company Human Resources department.
Secret of Acupressure
To produce demonstrable acupressure results, you must devote a minimum of 5-8 minutes to baby-easy specific strategies. It is called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping on your meridians. Now I will admit it looks really weird, so to avoid a mass round up of your team for the loony bin – close the door for privacy.
We recommend each person practice alone in his or her cubicle.
Step one: sit down at your computer, close your eyes and take three deep diaphragmatic breaths. Focus on each inhalation through your nose, and exhalation
through your mouth. Relax and pay attention to your chest rising and falling.
Step two: place three fingers together (thumb touching index and middle finger) of each hand. Eyes closed, gently rap on the middle of the roof of your skull. Simultaneously repeat this short affirmation as you tap-tap-tap on your skull. ‘The Feeling is Healing, the feeling is healing, and the feeling is healing.’ Continue and
Tapping and your affirmation trigger your imagination. Do you know your Crown is the seventh charka (energy center) – and it is the center of wisdom and your sensing of the world (environment).
Step three: Now move from your crown to tapping on the back-of-the-neck, later below the back of your thumb, and finally tap and affirm at the back of your knee. Why?
Stimulating these pressure points for a few minutes release endorphins and producing pleasure to reduce or eliminate pain. It is baby-easy so try it now.
Our research with acupressure led us to recommend it to corporate executives and
college students. Experience has reinforced our belief in its efficacy in arousing the brain for attention and productivity. It quickly works to stimulate your alertness for
at least six-hours. Time: about five-minutes, result: attention and better comprehension.
Google: Charkas – for a list of the big seven. Google: tapping EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) videos.
This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
It is for information only.
See ya,

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